Selous Game Reserve

The unique environment and only Selous Game Reserve a World Heritage List, there are various types of vegetation from rivers, lakes, ponds, Sandbanks, green vegetation and forests, the entire reserve scenic and picturesque. The reserve covers an area of 50,000 square meters large exception of Switzerland, is independent and it is the largest wildlife preserve all the land set aside for wildlife. The park is three times larger than the Serengeti and the most inspiring reserve when it comes to wild animals.

With our wide range of vegetation is not surprising that the park also harbors a large number of animals which were reduced by war, ivory elephants, wild dogs, which is over 1300, black rhinoceroses, and many birds. Selous is the only park in Kenya and Tanzania, where game viewing can be done by car, foot or boat. However, the park can be dealt with effectively if you take a boat on the lake of lakes and rivers. Barco is a friendly, offering views of crocodiles on the sand banks, Carmine Bee-eaters, hippos and elephants.

Selous Rufiji most of the great river, which divides naturally into two distinct parts of space ecosystem. Stiegler “gorge, 100m deep and 100 m wide, is a great natural feature with a rickety, gut-wrenching cable car that ferries safari vehicles across the river – not for the faint of heart.

The reserve protects a great African landscape and the white forms of Leadwood, in contrast the surrounding bubbling well watered greens and a different palette of sandy soil, to reflect the moods of the sun on the waters of the picturesque scenery.

Selous is the only park in Kenya and Tanzania, where game viewing can be done by car, foot or boat. This reserve is pleasantly varied landscape with the only green vegetation, grass and tangles that cause the film line-depleting photo moments with each turn of the road. Tall Borassus palms characterize the river routes. The Selous Reserve, Tanzania, that people can not afford missing because it has everything from wild life in the beautiful scenery, which is photography.