Ruhaa National Park


This is the largest national Park in the entire Tanzania. It measures approximately twenty two thousand kilometers squared and is found in the center of Tanzania roughly 140 kilometers from Iringa.The National Park is a large ecosystem that is supported by a number of game reserves for instance: Rungwa Game Reserve, Usangu Game Reserve and many other safeguarded areas in Tanzania.

The origin of the name of this park is significantly related to the Great Ruaha River that flows along the margin of the park in the south east and it gives a favorable ground for viewing of the game reserves and wildlife in the park.

This park is easily accessible especially through a car that connects via Iringa and incase you would like to use the services of the airstrip, then there is a functional ne right at Msembe at the Park headquarters.

Ruaha is widely known for its big population of elephants. Currently they are about ten thousand in the park. These are just a tip of the ice berg in regards to the animals present in the park. It also boasts of having more than 400 bird species.

A good example is the kingfishers, sunbirds, hornbills, white storks amid many more birds. There are other special animals in Ruaha that you cannot miss to find in this park. This includes the African wild dog, the sable antelope and the rhinos. Despite the fact that years back many poachers hunted and killed the rhinos and they were almost rendered extinct, they are available in good numbers.